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27 November 2017

Habtoor Grand, Dubai

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    Welcome to the submission process. Please submit the nomination form accurately and completely. Utilise the word limits to their fullest, and follow the criteria instructions for each category sections as closely as possible. It is important that you provide full, but concise, information about the organisation, project or individual you are nominating. Focus on explaining what you are doing and why you deserve to win. We know and work with your companies, so keep the introductions to a minimum and focus on getting the crucial bits of information across. It’s helpful to include statistics, numbers and data to demonstrate impact and show progression. If you need help or advice when completing the form, please use the contact details listed.

    Please do not send anything of a confidential nature, for example your credit card or bank details.We do not rent, sell or trade your personal information.

    Please note our system will 'time out' after 10 minutes, so for longer messages you may need to compose your feedback before starting this form. You can then 'paste' your text into this form once you're ready to send it.